CMC cable is on the way to be the best offshore cable manufacturer in China

Since their founding in 1958, Changzhou Marine Cable Co., Ltd. (CMC) has expanded to a point where it is looking forward to overtaking its competition and becoming China’s top offshore cable manufacturer.

Based in Changzhou, China, CMC enjoys over 50 years of experience in the marine cable business.
We employ the latest technology to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. The equipment that we use during the manufacturing and testing process includes the Troester CCV line, the 35kV partial discharge test and a range of computerized rubber compound machines.

As a company, we have focused on ensuring that we continuously produce and supply clients with high quality products. We also focus on maintaining high standards for our customer service, which means that our client’s requirements are always at the forefront of our mind. This desire to ensure that they enjoy a quality service led to the setup of a cable cutting center that provides clients with a quality cable cutting service.

All of this has allowed us to fulfill our aim of becoming a world class offshore cable supplier in China.

Our experience in manufacturing allows us to produce a range of products including;

  • Marine ship cables
  • offshore cables
  • mining cables
  • rubber cables
  • EV charging cables
  • wind turbine cables

Our Offshore cables are used for oil platforms on the sea and they comply with the NEK 606 production standards. As a result, all of our offshore cables abide by the specifications strict requirements concerning the mud resistance, voltage, power, instrumentation, lighting, control and telecommunication.CMC offshore cable is approved by ABS, DNV-GL and CCS classification societies.

This quality assurance allows companies to place their trust in us and has created a situation where we are proud to announce our success as a top offshore cable manufacturer in China.

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