CMC JIS C3410 Standard Ship Cable is Approval by NK Classification Society

Nippon KaijiKyokai, which is also known as NK, has approved the JIS C3410 standard ship cable of CMC cable. NK is a marine classification society which proactively works towards improving the protection of human life and property at sea and the preservation of the marine environment through carrying ship activities and services.

Marine ship cable, which is used on shipboard, has various important uses. Its benefits range from helping build the vessel, to facilitating services on board the ship such as general electricity and in the use of machinery on board the ship. The types of ships that use marine ship cable vary widely and include ocean drilling rigs, cruise ships and, naval vessels, among others.

There is an increased demand that ship cables be lightweight and highly efficient. Flexibility is another important feature which is helpful in the installation process of ship wiring cables. Some other requirements of ship cable today are that they need to sometimes be halogen-free, flame resistant and self-extinguishing.

CMC ship cable is fit to use aboard various ships and also for ship repair as well as oil platforms. The cable is also ideal for use on board ships and vessels for lighting, other electrical purposes, and machinery.

CMC JIS ship cable is flame retardant, the outmost layer of the cable is composed of a PVC sheath, under which the armoring is done by galvanized steel wire armor and further followed with PVC bedding. The inner layers are made up of semi-conducting insulation and conductor sheets, EPR insulation and tinned stranded copper conductor at the very center.

CMC ship cable is also lightweight which is beneficial for installation. The insulation is flexible, which is also suitable for fixing the cable. The filler of the wire is non-hygroscopic material so it does not absorb moisture, which combined with strong sheathing make it safe for use.

NK has approved the CMC JIS C3410 standard ship cable, holding that it fulfills the necessary measures and requirements which make it appropriate for use on ships and vessels. The safety specifications of the cable and the efficiency have been approved. CMC JIS C3410 standard ship cable is ideal for use by ships and vessels for a variety of purposes from telephone to electrical equipment.

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